Watch an excerpt of BAIDO's new video, "Joining the Global Village."

If you don't already have it, you will first need to install the QuickTime player (you'll be able to watch other online videos with it too):

1) After you read the instructions below, click here.

2) After you follow the directions on the QuickTime webpage, you will see "Congratulations."

3) Wait and then go through a series of installation screens to set up QuickTime on your computer.

4) This may take some time so please be patient...

Got QuickTime already? Click on the version of the video you want to watch:

Click here for the 2-minute video excerpt.

The BAIDO video is an excellent way to introduce the world of grassooots NGOs to students, researchers, foundations, and others! Available in CD or VHS format. Please visit the Shop for BAIDO page for more information.

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This page was last updated September 30, 2005

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