As the network of San Francisco Bay Area nonprofits doing international development work, BAIDO promotes understanding of the challenges facing people globally - and the solutions we are creating.

This website features news and perspectives concerning our work with partner communities in developing countries. We cover the topics of economics, education, environment, health and human rights. Our goal is to spark discussion that leads to action for a more equitable and sustainable world.

BAIDO's member organizations involve thousands of people in Northern California, and touch the lives of millions of others in developing countries.

Please check out the wealth of information on this site. You can watch our new VIDEO, "Joining the Global Village," for a quick overview of BAIDO.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed by individual BAIDO members on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of other BAIDO members or BAIDO as a whole.

This page was last updated June 17, 2008

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